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Our Mission

It is our passion at Source to provide our clients the tools and resources they need to best facilitate their individual healing. When the body is in a peaceful relaxed state, where it is allowed intuitively to restore and realign, the body will repair itself organically. When we are able to let go of the distractions and conditioning of modern society, we can reconnect with our Inner Source.

We want to direct our clients into a constant state of renewal, not by showing them a better way of living, but a New Way of Being

Source has been a labor of love for Kinsey and Alexandra. Their desire is for everyone who walks through the door to know, no matter what the journey is, there is healing in hope. Their journey in healing started in 2019 with the passing of their first child, Naomi Michele Rainn Williams. They have grown and healed from their heartbreak and want Source to be a community of peace and togetherness for those seeking healing. 

In May 2021, Alexandra gave birth to a happy and healthy baby girl, Shekinah Rose Williams.

Without obscurity we would not know light and without darkness we would not know love.


Alexandra Williams


Alexandra is a native Midlander with a passion for connection, educating and being in service to others. In 2007 she graduated from the Massage Therapy Program at Midland College and started a small practice that has grown into what Source is today. Alexandra believes when connecting there is no greater power than that of intentional touch. Alexandra’s take on massage is an energy-based approach to health and healing nourishment that focuses on rebalancing energetic flow and “reading” each client’s individual necessities. She believes that the Divine power of intuitive touch is a God given skill that we all share and simply have forgotten how to utilize. Through her techniques she uses intentional therapeutic touch to clear, energize, balance and replenish the human energy field. This in turn affects physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health while at the same time relieves stress and muscle tension. Alexandra is certified in Pre-natal massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Reiki I & II, Cupping, and Swedish Relaxation.



Owner / Massage Therapist 

Kinsey is a native West Texan that has deep roots inside both Midland and Greenwood. Kinsey is certified in Swedish massage, Deep Tissue of the Neck, Thoracic Area, Lower Back, and Cupping but plans on incorporating different modalities so that he stays balanced, but at the same time eclectic. The intention and secret behind Kinsey’s touch is not telling the body what it needs but rather listening to the body and hearing what it says. Kinsey is aware of the inevitability of aging and sickness that occurs with one’s body. Having personal experience with both from very early on in life he understands that sickness and aging don’t necessarily come from mysterious circumstances but rather from the daily stresses of life that go unattended. He believes whole heartedly that massage can prevent and alleviate the stress that so often turns into sickness.


“Illnesses do not come upon us out of nowhere. They are developed from small daily sins against nature. When enough sins have been accumulated then and only then will illnesses suddenly appear.”- Hippocrates


Jordan Yordanov

Massage Therapist

Strength Coach and Corrective Exercise Specialist

Jordan‘s curiosity with soft tissue mobilization began with the practice of Yoga in the late 2000s.

In 2015, Jordan ventured into Thailand to study traditional Thai massage at the WatPo temple. During this journey, he encountered a South African Doctor who had recently finished her study of Chinese medicine in China and was enthusiastically taking the whole curriculum of advanced therapeutic Thai course offerings in order to migrate over to Australia and there incorporate those into her own private practice. Intrigued by this, and being in love with experiential knowledge, Jordan began learning various modalities while working with clients, alongside experimenting on himself, to create the practice that he holds today. 

This practice is three-fold: consisting of a “targeted” soft tissue approach, this is integrated into movement and strengthening contexts, while also working with behavioral patterns.

Jordan is a licensed massage therapist(LMT), corrective exercise specialist(CES) and strength coach who also practices complimentary alternative medicine(CAM). His areas of training and interests reside in: numerous ideologies of soft tissue manipulation, active and deep tissue release therapies, clinical orthopedic massage, advanced myofascial techniques from the Rolfing® and Feldenkrais communities, utilizing energetic and discharge concepts and a variety of movement and strengthening methodologies. 

Jordan has a professional network of clinical personnel and fellows whom he regularly refers clients out to when he feels they will be better served by another.

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