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  • First time 60 Minute - $50

  • 60 Minute - $90

  • 90 Minute - $105

  • 120 Minute - $180


Float Packages

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Sensory Deprivation

What is Float Therapy?

Flotation therapy is restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST). The tank holds 10 to 12 inches of water and 1000 pounds of Epsom salt solution. The floater will experience minimal external stimuli while floating weightlessly in body temperature water. The tank is sound restricted and lights are typically off in conjunction with the restricted stimulus setting. This creates an atmosphere where the floater can lose track of ones body and surroundings and enter into a deep state of meditation.


What are the Benefits of Floating?

Omitting all sensory input allows us to utilize the internal power within and allowing a relaxed state. Without the pressure of the external world the floater is able to lower levels of cortisol which causes the feeling of stress. Floating has been reported to  increase creative inspiration, and causes familiar feelings of wholeness, serenity of mind, body and spirit.

 Without stimulus, the body begins a return to balance by increasing awareness, reducing stress, improving athletic performance and cognitive memory enhancement.

Floating has been shown to assist in chronic and acute pain relief. Research shows that about 1 hour of floating is equivalent to 4 hours of restful sleep. 

The magnesium-based Epsom salt solution helps with magnesium deficiencies, promotes relaxation and muscle recovery.

Floating has been shown to have measurable benefits for PTSD, anxiety, depression and improved sleep.

​What to Expect

  • It is recommended to arrive 15-30 minutes before the start of your first float session. This gives you ample time to complete paperwork, be given a short demo of our pod along with some instructions.

  • Be sure to eat a moderate meal at least 90 minutes before your float so that you are satiated and don't get hungry during your float.

  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol for about 4 hours before your float, they act as stimulants and can make you feel restless.

  • Avoid shaving a day before you float as it can make your skin sensitive to the salts.

  • Newly colored hair will stain our tanks, allow 10 days after coloring before entering the pod. Your shower water should run clear from color.

  • It is not recommended that you float with tubes in your ears or an ear infection.

  • It is not advisable to float with a fresh tattoo. Talk to your artist prior to floating to ensure the longevity of your artwork, typically it's 6 weeks.

  • We encourage clients to check with their doctor when beginning any new health regimen, such as flotation.

For more information about floating check our FAQ page.


“When we enter the tank, we abruptly stop making constant adjustments to outer stimuli. Since there are no external threats, no pressures to adapt to outside events, the system can devote all its energies to restoring itself. The normal state, of course, is health, vigor, enthusiasm, and immense pleasure in being alive.” ​- The Book of Floating ©Michael Hutchinson

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