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Lucia Light No. 3

Mood Booster/ Meditation

  • The Lucia N°03 hypnagogic meditation light machine is not a medical treatment or therapeutic device. The Lucia N°03 is neuro­stimulator that uses light to activate our highest perception, our highest mind. A combination of flickering lights at different frequencies relax the central nervous system and boost harmonic brainwave patterns found in deep meditation. Lucia light allows for a transcendental and inspiring state of consciousness, heightened awareness and intuition , wholeness and bliss.

  • The client sits back comfortably with eyes closed while music plays in headphones and white light shines onto the pineal gland or Third Eye and brain. Each client has an unique experience. You see what you create.

SAFETY: the Lucia N°03 is completely safe for the eyes as the eyelids are closed. It is contra-indicated for those with  light-sensitive epilepsy due to its stroboscopic function people with seizure disorders, and those with psychotic disorders and those women who are pregnant. A hypnagogic light experience is neither medicine nor psychotherapy.

It is a journey into ones own consciousness. 

Reported benefits include:

  •  Reduced anxiety and stress

  • Reduced fear and depression

  • Sense of wholeness / oneness

  • Awakening  intuition, creativity and self-realization

  • Increased sense of inner peace, joy and emotional strength

  • Increased mind body connection and connection to others

  • Improved positive outlook and acceptance

  • More restful sleep- Regulates circadian rhythm- release of healthy hormones  such as serotonin and melatonin

“When we begin to see each other through the third eye, we begin to know each other on a level that is beyond what our physical eyes can see.”

~ Marianne Williamson

Decalcification of the Pineal Gland:

The Pineal Gland is  a small pinecone shaped gland located in the center of the brain.  In most, the pineal gland has become calcified by harmful environmental factors such as polluted air and food, pesticides,  fluorinated and toxic water, consumption of tobacco, excess sugar, caffeine and alcohol. It is thought to be the connection to higher consciousness and is also known as the Third Eye. It has been coined the “principal seat of the soul, and the place in which all our thoughts are formed.” By Rene Descartes.


Watch... you'll be glad you did.

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Pricing and Packages

Lucia Light

  • First Time Lucia Traveler- $50​

  • Lucia Light - $70

Lucia Packages​ (New for 2021)

  • Lucia 3 Pack-$180 Regularly $210

  • Lucia 5 Pack - $290 Regularly $350

  • Lucia 10 Pack- $620 Regularly $700