Heat as a Beneficial Stressor

What it Does:

  •  Detoxification

  • Infrared sauna detoxification happens by heating the body directly, causing a rise in core body temperature. This result is a deep, detoxifying viscus sweat that carries trapped toxins, heavy metals and chemicals from a cells to outside the body where at the end of your session should be showered away to prevent reabsorption.

  • Good for cell health, muscle recovery, increased immunity, blood pressure and weight loss ,stimulates the circulatory system, and mimics exercise, raising heart rate

  • Allows for blood vessel dilation and helps to cleanse the blood and oxygenate the cells

  • Pain relief- The heat penetrates the joints, muscles and tissues, helps with spasms

  • Increased Oxygen flow and circulation Stress relief and relaxation.

  • Decrease in all-cause mortality, linked to longevity.


20 Minute - $25

30 Minute - $35

40 Minute - $45

50 Minute - $55

60 Minute - $65

Sauna Packages​


5 Pack 25 Minutes - $100 

5 Pack 35 Minutes - $150 

10 Pack 25 Minutes - $170 

10 Pack 35 Minutes - $250