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What is Reiki?


First time Reiki Session - $75

Regularly - $90

Children Reiki $60

The mind, body, and spirit govern us as individuals. At times, we need help to clear out negative feelings such as depression, anxiety, and sadness. While some may feel comfortable talking it out with a therapist or sweating it out at the gym, another option for relieving deep negative feelings is energy work. 

When preforming energy work, a practitioner manipulates the unwanted energy helping the physical body release it. Once the negative energy has been shed the body's equilibrium takes effect and feelings of clarity and grounding are restored. 


Reiki is a Japanese energy healing method that benefits by cleansing and purifying the chakra system, which are the energetic centers of the body. It aids in the removal of stored emotional trauma and energy blockages. It also helps with balancing moods, relieves anxiety, depression, and anger. Reiki restores balance to the nervous system, increases feelings of peace, compassion and love for oneself and others. 

Reiki is a safe, effective and gentle work that can be used on anyone. Treatments are shared through a “hands-on” or “hands-hovering” approach over the body. Each session aids the body in stimulating an optimal flow of energy to promote overall wellness and proper function.


There’s no need to disrobe in Reiki, so wear something comfortable

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